Northern Lights Flat-Coated Retrievers is proud to announce the
upcoming litter of Jake x Patsy, born May 20th, 2009.  7 Liver puppies, 6 boys and 1 girl!

Link to Patsy's OFA records: Click here

Ch Huntlover's Jumping Star Of Bristol

Jake is a well balanced black dog (carries liver) with excellent breed type and gorgeous movement.  His beautiful head piece is complimented by dark eyes and a pleasing soft expression.  His owners love his biddability and temperament.  He was imported from a Danish Kennel that has produced several successful multi purpose dogs and he has an outstanding pedigree.  We looked long and hard to find a dog to compliment Patsy as nicely as Jake does.

Jake's Health Clearances:

OFA Hips GOOD FR-3892G40M-PI
OFA Elbows Normal FR-EL1037M40-PI
OFA Patella Normal FR-PA90040M-PI
Cerf #FR-2479N CERF 2008
Black, carries liver, does not carry yellow

Link to Jake's OFA Records

Ch Flashback Crazy For Loving You CD CGC

Patsy is a moderately sized liver bitch who inherited her Mom's beautiful  movement. She has wonderful expression nice tight feet, and nice prow. She has a very pretty head piece, strong topline and nice length of body. She is biddable and loves to learn. She finished her CD 3 for 3 with placements in large Novice B classes.  She and her dam won 1st place in the brace conformation class at the 2007 Minnesota specialty.  She comes from a very successful litter of  5 Ch, with titles in field, agility, obedience and rally. Patsy loves to retrieve and is an excellent marker.  She has a bright and cheery personality and loves to work. 

Patsy's Health Clearances:

OFA Hips GOOD FR-4229G26F-PI
OFA Elbows Normal FR-EL1311F26-PI
OFA Patella Normal FR-PA1118/23F/P-PI
OFA Heart Normal FR-CA134/23F/C-PI
OFA Thyroid Normal FR-TH51/19F-PI
Cerf #FR-2168 CERF 2006, 2008
Liver, does not carry yellow

Link to Patsy's OFA Records

For more information on this upcoming breeding please contact:

 Northern Lights Flat-Coated Retrievers
Heather Dawson
Ph: 360-904-7299

Puppy Introduction Letter

Puppy Questionnaire

History For Patsy

Jake's History/Pictures of Ancestors

Pedigree for Jake x Patsy Puppies

Sample Contract

Recommended Reading List

Nine easy behaviors to teach your new puppy


Ch Huntlover's Jumping Star Of Bristol  "Jake"
  Ch Flashback Crazy For Loving You CD CGC "Patsy" 
*All of Patsy's puppy photos are by Les Conrad Photography
Below are photos of the dogs in Jake and Patsy's pedigree's.  If the dog's name is in pink it is an ancestor of Patsy, and if it is in blue then it is Jake's ancestor.  It is fun to see all of the similarties that have carried through in each their lines for generations!  These are traits your puppies will have too!
Jake's Littermate-Huntlover's Jumping For The Hunt
Jake's Sire
Int. Danish Swedish Ch. Almanza Chocolate Brandy Wafer 

Jake's Dam:
Toffedreams Four Roses

Jake's Paternal Grandsire Almanza William The Conqueror
Jake's Paternal Granddam WW-96 FINV-97 DKUCH NORDUCH INTUCH Almanza Mad About Chocolate
Jake's  Maternal Grandsire INT NORD UCH N LCH Coalport Country Man BLK
Jake's  Maternal Granddam O'FLANAGAN IMPOSANT
Patsy's Paternal Grandsire-Ch Waverton Toby Ale of Varingo
Patsy's Paternal Granddam-Ch Casblaidd Duty Free

Jake's  Paternal Great Grandsire ALMANZA DARK MIDNIGHT MIRACLE
Jake's  Paternal Great Granddam ALMANZA HOLE IN ONE

Jake's  Maternal Great Grandsire COALPORT CORAL SKYE

Jake's  Maternal Great Granddam HERONSFLIGHT GO MY WAY TO LATHKILL
Jake's  Maternal Great Grandsire GUNHILLS EAR OF ESOPHAGUS
Patsy's Paternal Great Granddam-Waverton Madeira

Patsy's Paternal Great Grandsire-Shargleam Souwester of Withybed

Patsy's Paternal Great Granddam-Gunmakers Columbine

Patsy's Paternal Great Grandsire-Ch Brown Keston of Varingo

Patsy's Maternal Great Grandsire-Ch Snowdown Canis Major CD 

Patsy's Maternal Great Grandsire-Ch Essex Whispers Of Grousemoor 

Litter theme:
 This litter will have an "Alaska" theme.  Here are some examples, if you have any ideas to help people come up with names for their puppies, send them to me and I will post them as well:  

Northern Lights Dutch Harbor "Dutch" (TAKEN)
Northern Lights Nights On Glacier Bay "Ice"
Northern Lights Field & Stream "Buddy" 
Northern Lights Mt. McKinley "McKinley"
Northern Lights Denali "Denali"
Northern Lights Last Frontier "Journey" 
Northern Lights Inside Passage "Seeker"
Northern Lights Copper River "Copper"
Northern Lights Kodiak Island "Nome"
Northern Lights Yukon Gold "Yukon"
Northern Lights Artic Blast "Chilly"
Northern Lights Alaskan Nights  "Jewel"
Northern Lights Kenai Penninsula "Kenai" (TAKEN)
Northern Lights Winter Solstice "Crystal"
Northern Lights Call of the Wild "Kaya (Inuit Indian name)"
Northern Lights Klondike "Trapper" or "Hunter" 
Northern Lights Dancing Skies "Dancer"
Northern Lights Magical Skies "Magic or Aurora"
Northern Lights Kodiak Grizzly "Bear"  (this and below submitted by Sharon Movic)
Northern Lights Kodiak Bear "Teddy"  
Northern Lights Into the Wild "Alex"
Northern Lights Midnight Sun "Summer" or "Ray" (TAKEN)
Northern Lights Winter Magic "Winter, Magic" (this and below submitted by Sheila Bradshaw)
Northern Lights Fire and Ice "Ember"
Northern Lights Ice Ice Baby (this and below submitted by Linda Conrad)
Northern Lights Skating on Thin Ice "Blade" 
Northern Lights Fire and Ice "Coal"
Northern Lights Snowbound
Northern Lights Snowstorm
Northern Lights North to Alaska
Northern Lights Snowbird
Northern Lights Winter Dance
Northern Lights Snowflakes Over Bristol "Lacey" (TAKEN)
Northenr Lights Gem "Amber" (TAKEN)  (submitted by Janine Stone)  *Love the name Janine!

Here are some links to information on Alaska that may help in coming up with a name:

Patsy's Due Date Countdown
(Due 5/20/09)